Love Lost​/​Love Yourself

by My Apologies

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Bronson Burner
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Bronson Burner Shit is awesome..reminds me of the old This Day Forward,old MewithoutYou,YoungWidows,The Used first record,Unwound,etc..still gotta finish the record,but I don't just drop everything and buy a record that quick..shit is good man.. maybe we will get to play together sometime soon..
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released October 14, 2014

Thanks to Sam Hunt for producing this EP for us! Thank you to Maddie Montoya for creating the artwork as well!



all rights reserved


My Apologies Dallas, Texas

Well like to make loud and melodic music. Give us a listen and tell us what you think!

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Track Name: But I Digress
Somewhere in this mind of mine,
There is something
I cant find.
Some call it hope,
And some call it happiness.
All those who've never felt a thing,
No empathy or joy,
Or jealousy.
No hate and no love,
Just dull, moments that don't mean anything.
And hidden in it all there are memories of happiness and pain,
Of all the beautiful things that make it all worth while

Who am I,
I'm so broken and lost
And In need of direction,
But nobody can help me,
Nobody will help me,
I won't let them,
I can't let them.

It goes on so endlessly.

Now is it loneliness, or just my vanity?
I don't know but it all seems so real to me.
Everybody's too busy to notice,
Too busy to care.
And I scare myself with suicide;
Asphyxiate the pain and all my dreams

Everything will be alright in the end.
I'll be buried alone in the end.
We'll all be buried alone.
Track Name: A Longing
If you see things my way,
Feel everything my way,
Then you could understand the patterns of my heartbeat,
How I lost all hope,
Recollected it,
Then gave up on myself.
I think you'll realize that I'm not really as strong as I seem,
If you could see everything the way I see,
Our views so differently.
My friends and family are few and far between,
I don't know who they are,
And they don't know me.
Now I feel nothing at all,
This life is so repetitive.

But don't you worry about me,
That's not the point of this,
I guess I have a lot things to get off of my chest.
I just want someone to listen,
Anybody to care,
I just want to matter to somebody.
I want somebody who matters to me.
Track Name: Crashed Cars, Broken Homes
The shock sets in
Standing in front of me,
The man who broke our family.
Behind the wheel,
With a needle in his arm,
He crashed into my father,
It killed him in an instant,
I never got a chance to say goodbye...

The shock sets in
That man now close to me died ever so suddenly.
Gave his life for a life,
Saved a life from drowning.
Such a bittersweet escape from the pain.
He turned his life around the day he told me everything.

He told me of the army,
How he woke up screaming every night,
How he turned to drugs and alcohol to numb all the memories.
He wanted to forget,
But I will remember forever.

That man in the courthouse.
With tears in his eyes.

That man in the courthouse
He looked so defeated
His soul left the same time my father died.
Track Name: The Front Porch
I damned myself with all the thoughts in my head,
And all the people that I pushed away.
Now nobody cares
And it's all my fault.
And now I care
But it's too late.

All these secrets that I've kept to myself,
I have to lock them all away
But I can't hold them down for any longer.
So many years past,
Knowing nothing will change,
No matter what I try.

After all the years I lied to myself
And everyone around us.
I know there isn't a way to live alone.

The truth is i have no one to blame but myself,
I was always too nervous, uncomfortable.
I still am,
And I am terrified that I'll never change.
so tired of loneliness,
and afraid of abandonment,
But it doesn't matter because
I abandon everyone and everything,
And I'm so sorry.

I hate myself, I hate myself,
I hate all the mistakes I made,
And I hate that I never change.
I hate myself,
Everyone hates me too.
I hate myself.
Track Name: Please Forget Me

I want you to understand that this is not your fault.

How could I go on everyday knowing there is nothing for me anywhere
I wish I could be different,
I wish I could believe in anything.
But I can't change
No, I'm not strong enough.
I don't want to escape,
I have nothing to run from,
Nobody to blame for how I am.
This is all my fault,
Now please forget my name,
And forget my face.
Let me disappear and please don't reminisce.

This is all my choice,
Please don't blame yourself for my problems
Or how I chose to deal with them.
I lost connection with the world.
Living became getting by
And all my dreams turned to dust.

My heart turned dark to everyone,
My soul withered and died.
I lost what keeps spirits alive.
I lost love.

Now hopefully you can live in peace for the both of us.
I know my peace is found six feet underground where my thoughts disappear into the night.
And while my senseless body rests,
I hope you can move on and forget me,

There isn't anyone to remember me.
I've already forgotten myself
Track Name: I Won't Let Myself Disappear
What have I been doing for so long?
Ripping myself apart for things so small.
I've always told myself that I am not strong.
That I am never good enough for anyone.
But I need to learn.
I need to learn

To be better for others,
To live free from my fears of being left.
I've let this go on for far too long,
I don't want to die,
But I don't know how to live.
My past is gone,
I want to change everything.
It's time I understand who I am.

I am not alone.
There are people who loved me before,
But I pushed them away and hid my true face.
But I'm done hiding.
And I'm done with all of my past habits.
I will not be another cliché.
With all the mistakes that I made,
I will learn to live.
I need to love myself,
I need to love myself.

I am a reminder,
To never become this again.
Don't hate,
But accept,
And try to learn.
I will stay true to myself,
Until my final breath comes.
I am not a broken man,
I am mended.

Who am I?
I'm alright.
Please don't forget me.
I'll learn to love myself.